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Mechanical Flowmeters

The FLUIDEX Mechanical series is a Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flowmeter. Emphasizing mechanical simplicity, these meters provide an optimal solution for diverse industries and applications. The range covers connection sizes from 1/2" (15mm) to 4" (100mm) with a flow range spanning 0.26 to 660 GPM (1 to 2500 LPM), encompassing the entire spectrum of medium and large capacities (MOGF and LOGF). Meters are available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel construction based on size.

Operation Principle

FLUIDEX Mechanical flow meters feature two rotating gears with an oval shape. Following each revolution, a fixed amount of liquid passes between the gear teeth and through the meter. The flow rate is determined by the number of shaft rotations, mechanically transmitted to the register.

Typical Applications

FLUIDEX Mechanical Oval Gear flow meters are perfect for measuring the transfer of thick or non-conductive liquids. Typical Applications Include -but not limited to- the following: 

  • Fuel additive injection

  • Fuel consumption measurements

  • Diesel injector/pump test equipment

  • Water treatment chemical dosing (flocculants, surfactants, biocides, etc.)

  • Corrosion inhibitor dosing

  • Demineralised / RO water dosing or dispensing

  • Monitoring of oil or grease lubricants

  • Molasses

  • Clean Fluids

  • Oil-Based Paints

  • Chemical Additive Injection

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