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The FLUIDEX MOGF015S is a precision oval gear flowmeter designed for measuring liquid flow rates with high accuracy and repeatability. With a connection size of 1/2" (15mm), it covers a flow range of 0.26-145 GPH (1.0 to 40.0 LPM).


The MOGF015S features a body made of 316 stainless steel, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for applications that require a higher level of chemical resistance or that involve harsh environments. Integrated with a mechanical register, the flowmeter is able to withstand pressures up to 580 PSI (40 BAR) and features various options for process connections, including:

  • BSPP (G) female threaded (ISO 228)
  • NPT female threaded
  • ANSI-150 RF flanged
  • ANSI-300 RF flanged
  • PN16 DIN flanged


Overall, the FLUIDEX MOGF015S is an excellent choice for those in need of a high-precision flowmeter with a stainless-steel body that can withstand harsh environments and provide reliable and accurate measurements. Its versatility in terms of process connections make it a great option for a wide range of applications that require flow rates up to 40 LPM.


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