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Oval Gear Flowmeter POGF Series

The FLUIDEX POGF series is an oval gear flow meter designed for measuring the flow of clean water-based products, aggressive chemicals, and most fuels. It is available in a single size of DN25 (1") and can handle a flow range of 2.6 to 40 GPM (10 to 150 LPM). The POGF series features a body made of PPS, which provides excellent resistance to chemical applications. This makes it a more economical alternative to stainless steel meters in many applications.

Operation Principle

The POGF flow meters have two rotating gears with an oval shape. A fixed amount of liquid passes between the gear teeth and through the meter after each revolution. The flow rate is identified by the number of shaft rotations.

Typical Applications

POGF Series Oval Gear flow meters is suitable for: 

  • Water (non-potable, demineralised, RO)

  • Non-aromatic/non-halogenated organic chemicals

  • Glycols / Anti-Freeze

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF / Adblue)

  • Fertilizers

  • Herbicides

  • Insecticides

  • Also suitable for many non-flammable fuels and oils

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