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Paddle Wheel Flowmeter PWF Series

The FLUIDEX PWF series consists of two models of paddle wheel insertion flow meters: the PWF900 and PWF2500. These cost-effective meters are designed to measure the flow rate of low viscosity liquids in pipes ranging from 1.5" (DN40) to 100" (DN2500) in diameter with moderate accuracy. The PWF900 model is connected to the pipe through a 1½” or 2" BSPT or NPT, while the PWF2500 has a 2" connection and a hot-tap option.

The meter is inserted at 1/8th of the pipe diameter, resulting in near-zero pressure drop and minimizing pumping costs. With a simple and reliable design, the PWF series meters have only one moving part, making them highly reliable and easy to maintain. They have a wide flow range based on velocity range from 3 to 33 ft/sec (1 to 10 m/s) and can measure bi-directional flow.

The FLUIDEX PWF series meters have an accuracy of 1.5% of reading, providing exceptional measurement accuracy with limited investment. The meters are IP68 submersible (flying cable versions) and have a corrosion-proof construction, making them suitable for installation in any environment.

Typical Applications

The FLUIDEX PWF series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Water distribution

  • Water treatment

  • Boiler feed water

  • Ballast water control

  • HVAC water flow monitoring

  • Fire system monitoring

  • Waste water

  • Hydrant flow testing

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