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Oval Gear Flowmeter LOGF Series

FLUIDEX LOGF series are oval gear flowmeters for medium capacities. These flowmeters cover flow rates from 35.0 to 2500 LPM (10 to 660 US GPM) and are available in DN080, DN080 Extended flow, DN100 and DN100 Extended flow (3” and 4”) line sizes. The LOGF series is available in Aluminum construction for the whole range and optional  316L stainless steel for DN80 (3”). The standard pressure rating is 175 PSI (12 BAR) for the DN80 and 145 PSI (10 BAR) for the DN100.

Operation Principle

The LOGF flow meters have two rotating gears with an oval shape. A fixed amount of liquid passes between the gear teeth and through the meter after each revolution. The flow rate is identified by the number of shaft rotations.

Typical Applications

LOGF Series Oval Gear flow meters are perfect for measuring the transfer of thick or non-conductive liquids. Typical Applications Include Dispensing or Bulk Transfer of: 

  • Diesel fuel

  • Petrol (gasoline) with or without ethanol content

  • Biofuels

  • Kerosene

  • Glycols / Anti-Freeze

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF / Adblue)

  • Lubricating oils and greases

  • Edible oils

  • Solvents

  • Resins and adhesives

  • Fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides

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