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Fluidex SOGF flowmeter

Oval Gear Flowmeter SOGF Series

FLUIDEX series SOGF are oval gear flowmeters for small capacities. These flowmeters cover flow rates from 1.0 to 550 LPH (0.26 to 145 US GPH) and are available in DN04, DN06, and DN08 (1/8”, ¼” and 3/8”) line sizes.

Operation Principle

The SOGF flow meters have two rotating gears with an oval shape. A fixed amount of liquid passes between the gear teeth and through the meter after each revolution. The flow rate is identified by the number of shaft rotations.

Typical Applications
SOGF Series Oval Gear flow meters are ideal for precise measurement of small volumes of a wide range of liquids, including viscous and non-conductive fluids, and are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Fuel additive injection

  • Fuel consumption measurements

  • Diesel injector/pump test equipment

  • Water treatment chemical dosing (flocculants, surfactants, biocides, etc.)

  • Corrosion inhibitor dosing

  • Demineralized/RO water dosing or dispensing

  • Monitoring of oil or grease lubricants

  • Chemical batching and dispensing in industrial processes

  • Adhesive and sealant dispensing

  • Paint and coating dispensing

  • Printing ink dispensing

  • Inks and dyes dispensing

  • Industrial gas metering

  • Non-corrosive chemical metering

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