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The SOGF006A precision oval gear flowmeter is a reliable and accurate solution for measuring low flow rates of liquids. With a connection size of 1/4" (6mm), this flowmeter is designed to provide precise measurements for a variety of liquids.

The SOGF006A is cable of handling flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 27 gallons per hour (2 to 100 liters per hour). Its durable aluminum body can withstand pressures up to 220 PSI (15 BAR), making it well-suited for demanding environments.


The SOGF006A offers multiple options for process connections, including:

  • BSPP (G) female threaded (ISO 228)
  • NPT female threaded


This flexibility allows for easy integration with a variety of different systems and processes.


The SOGF006A is an excellent choice for industrial, commercial, and scientific applications where accuracy, durability, and compact size are essential.


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