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The Fluidex PWF2500 series is a cost-effective dual pulse, paddle wheel flow meter designed to measure the flow rate of low viscosity liquids. The body of the PWF2500 is constructed from 316 stainless steel.


The metering head is inserted in a 20” (DN50) BSPT or NPT male thread connection at 1/8th into the pipe resulting in very little pressure drop, making it suitable for installation in pipes with diameters from DN50 to DN2500 (2" to 100").


With a simple and reliable design, and various options for outputs, displays, and hazardous area ratings, the PWF2500 provides a fantastic alternative to full-bore flow meters in many applications. It is exceptionally suited to measurement of water flow in pipe sizes up to 100” / 2500mm, where installed cost is more critical than extreme accuracy.


This PWF2500 is designed for 'hot-tap' installation, which means it can be installed without the need to interrupt the flow or drain the pipe, making it an ideal solution for applications where downtime must be kept to a minimum.


The PWF2500 is widely used in HVAC (hot & chilled water), fire protection and hydrant flow testing, water distribution (management & treatment), boiler feed water, and many other applications.


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