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The FLUIDEX MOGF050H is a precision oval gear flowmeter designed for measuring liquid flow rates with high accuracy and repeatability. With a connection size of 2.0" (50mm), it covers a flow range of 8-120 GPM (30-450 LPM).


The MOGF050H features a body made of 316 stainless steel that can withstand intermediate pressures of up to 4350 PSI (300 BAR). Its end connections are threaded, providing easy installation and removal of the flowmeter.


The MOGF050H offers various options for process connections as follows:

  • BSPP (G) female threaded (ISO 228)
  • NPT female threaded


The stainless steel body of the MOGF050H makes it an ideal choice for applications where a higher level of chemical resistance and durability is required. Its ability to withstand intermediate pressure also makes it suitable for applications that require a higher level of pressure resistance than standard flowmeters. Its precision oval gear design ensures reliable and accurate flow measurement for flow rates between 30-450 LPM.


Overall, the FLUIDEX MOGF050H is a high-precision flowmeter with a stainless steel body that can withstand intermediate pressure and provide reliable and accurate measurements. The threaded end connections also make it easy to install and remove for maintenance purposes


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